Softball Bats- How to get the Best

The secret to Softball domination is the quality of the bat. Before your season starts, there is a criterion that you should use to get the best softball bat. You must consider the length, weight, and drop of the bat. All these can affect your swing, thus the reason why you need to make sure that you know how to make a selection and what to look for in each bat design.

The Length

Finding the right length of the softball is essential just like it is to find the right size of glove and cleats is essential. You can measure the length of the bat using three ways:

o Place the bat knob at the middle of your chest and move the barrel out to reach your fingertips. If you get to touch the end of the bat with your fingers, then it is the right size. Read more great facts on  softball bats, click here. 

o Place the bottom knob of the bat at your chest's center facing outward. If you can reach out and grab the barrel of the bat, then it is a good length.

o Position the bat up vertically against your leg, if it gets to your mid-hip then it is a suitable length. For more useful reference, have a peek  at this website here. 

The Weight
The weight of bats varies depending on the models, and it is up to your preference. If you are an active gamer, you can probably handle swinging a heavier bat. However, you must remember that you want an efficient bat speed at the pitch and swing a softball bat that is too heavy for you can hinder your performance.

You can test to see whether you can handle the weight of a bat by holding it with one hand and with your arm extended from your side for about 30 seconds. If you can keep the bat in place without dropping it, then you should be able to swing that weight properly.

The drop is the difference between weight and length. A lesser drop indicates a heavier bat which may be too much to handle at the plate. Make sure that you take your weight and length numbers earlier on before you can try and find a bat with similar measurements to suit your needs.

Choosing the right softball bat can help in enhancing your at-bat performance. You can use these tips when choosing a bat to ensure that you get only the best one that will guarantee your win in the next season. Please view this site  for further details.